During the eclipse on January 26, 2009, the moon's shadow traveled 14,500 kilometers and covered 0.9 percent of the surface area of Earth. Earth's surface area is about 512 million square kilometers. Suppose the area covered by the shadow was rectangular. What would be the width of such a rectangle? Round your answer to the nearest kilometer.A. 392 kmB. 318 kmC. 350 kmD. 3,178 kmPLEASE HELP ME I REALLY NEED IT AND I WILL MARK BEST ANSWER AS BRAINLIES!

Accepted Solution

Hi there,

The answer should be B.318 kilometers. Here’s how....

We are going to use the area of the shadow given.

A = (512,000,000) * (0.9 / 100)
A = 4,608,000

The area of a rectangle...

A = (w) * (l)

Next we are going to change it. Which is substituting it.

4,608,000 = (w) * (14,500)

Clearing we will have

w = (4,608,000) / (14,500)

Your answer is
= 317.7931034

Rounding that to the nearest kilometer will be 318. And your answer is B